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Doctor Damp offers the most efficient roof ventilation Sydney have to offer because we understand that you should only have to use an air conditioner on those scorching hot days. Residential roof ventilation systems and whole house fans can be installed inside the attic between the living area and ceiling to help ventilate your roof and keep your home cool. When the outside temperature is cool, simply turn on your whole house fan and open the windows. In addition we offer industry leading sub floor ventilation in Sydney


In Australia, Sydney homeowners spend big dollars each year in summer to cool their homes using air conditioning. This is a result of having unventilated roofs, where heat becomes trapped within the home, causing uncomfortable living conditions. To remedy this, Doctor Damp offers long-term roof ventilation solutions to help cool your home effectively so your air-conditioning won’t need to work as hard. Not only do residential roof ventilation systems bring the temperature in your home down, but you may also be able to lower energy costs to keep everyone at a comfortable temperature.

Another reason to consider better roof ventilation is to prevent moisture and mould from accumulating in the roof cavity. Moist air from the bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans can become trapped, encouraging the growth of mould. Also, the use of heating during winter produces warm air that travels to the ceiling and then condenses. To ensure proper ventilation of your roof, you need an expert that you can trust to install an exhaust fan roof vent inside your home.

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How does a whole house fan work?

The fan allows the cool outside air into your attic, thus cooling your attic and contributing to a cooler house. The cool outdoor air flows through your home, effectively cooling living areas. Whole house fans cool down your home while also keeping the costs down. They are designed to pull the cold air into your home and to push the hot air out! A whole house fan acts like an exhaust system. Whole house fans and attic fans are often confused with each other; however, they achieve different goals. Whole house fans in Australia gained popularity in the 1950s, as they were cheaper than air conditioning and still kept houses cool.

A whole house fan draws hot air to the attic which then escapes through vents due to positive pressure. Then at the same time, a negative pressure is created in the living areas of the home which allows for the cooler outside air to come in through the windows. Whereas, an attic fan pushes hot air out of the attic and does not create the necessary pressure for the cool air to come into the home. They are often confused because whole house fans can be installed in an attic due to needing to be installed at a high point in the home. Whole house fans are an alternative to air conditioning because they keep the house cool, whereas attic fans do not. They are an economical and practical way of living.

This solution is also extremely affordable compared to air conditioning. Whole house fans can rapidly cool down any building. Newer models are environmentally friendly, quiet and energy efficient, making them a great way to reduce interior temperatures rapidly. For the most effective results, windows must be open, and they work best in the morning or evening when the air is nice and cool outside. The whole house fan will draw in the refreshing cool air from outside. Depending on your climate, a whole house fan can be all you need, with no need to use an air conditioner. In addition, whole house fans in Australia are significantly cheaper to run, and with an energy efficient whole house fan, you could cut energy costs by 80%. They operate at one-tenth the cost of air conditioning according to home improvement experts. A standard whole house fan usually has a diameter of 24-36 inches; however, this may be adjusted depending on your living space size.

Coolfan – Domestic Ventilation

Backed by a Money Back Guarantee, Coolfan with its unique internal fan is the preferred roof fan ventilation system of many trade professionals. Tailor designed to your home, Coolfan incorporates superior features that will save you money and keep you cooler. At Doctor Damp, we’re capable of installing these well-designed roof ventilation systems for you.

Using ducted or solar powered exhaust fans, heat and excess moisture is extracted from the home and is then drawn out of the roof space through the eaves of the house or from a roof vent. Both ducted and solar powered roof ventilation fans are among the most effective and efficient ways to cool your home.

  1. Saving 20-50% of your monthly energy bills
  2. Comfortable living conditions in the home during summer
  3. Stops moisture from becoming trapped in the ceiling
  4. Prevents build-up of mould and mildew
  5. Suitable for houses that are with or without air-conditioning
  6. Thermostat controlled

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The Best Solution for Roof Ventilation in Sydney

These well-designed roof ventilation systems can be installed by Doctor Damp.

Using ducted or solar powered exhaust fans, heat and excess moisture is extracted from your household and is then emitted out of the roof space through the eaves of the house or from ducted or solar powered roof vents. Homeowners can benefit from a highly effective and efficient way to make their home feel cooler.

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