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Eco-Cooling Roof Ventilation For Economical 

Home Cooling In Brisbane & Sydney

In Australia, Sydney and Brisbane homeowners spend big dollars each year in summer to cool their homes using air conditioning. This is a result of having unventilated roofs, where heat becomes trapped within the home, causing uncomfortable living conditions. To remedy this, Doctor Damp offers a long-term roof ventilation solution that will help cool your home effectively, so your air-conditioning need not work as hard. Not only will this bring the temperature in your home down, you may also require lower energy costs to keep everyone at a comfortable temperature. 

Another reason to consider better roof ventilation is to prevent moisture and mould from accumulating in the roof cavity. Moist air from the bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans may be trapped, encouraging the growth of mould. Also, the use of heating during winter produces warm air that travels to the ceiling, and then condenses. To ensure proper ventilation of your roof, you need an expert that you can trust.

Superflow - Domestic Ventilation

Backed by a 15-year warranty, Superflow with its unique internal fan is the choice of many trade professionals. Australian designed, it incorporates superior features.

  • Strong fibreglass reinforced nylon chassis for silent operation.
  • Sealed dual bearing housing for long life.
  • Double riveted, pressed vanes for superior strength.



Ecoair SR1


The benefits of having a well installed roof ventilation system include:

  • Saving 20-50% of your monthly energy bills
  • Comfortable living conditions in the home during summer
  • Stops moisture from becoming trapped in the ceiling
  • Causing build up of mould and mildew
  • Suitable for houses that are with or without air-conditioning
  • Thermostat controlled

Solution for roof ventilation for Sydney & Brisbane

A well-designed roof ventilation system installed by Doctor Damp.

Using ducted exhaust fans, heat and excess moisture is extracted from the home and is then drawn out of the roof space through the eaves of the house or from a roof vent. This is found to be one of the most effective and efficient ways to cool your home.


roof ventilation

By installing a ducted exhaust fan, damp air can be ducted up and out through the roof or eaves of the house.

home ventilation Sydney

Depending on your specific needs, there are different types of roof vents that can be installed into your home.

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